Anet a8 cooling ring

Thanks for all your downloads and prints, I am very surprised that so many people liked my design 🙂 On sever. ATTENTION: I no longer recommend this cooler ! However it is important that the nozzle be in the center of the ring for even distribution of the air. A circular fan nozzle to provide cooling from all sides on a printer with MKbased extruder.

The part is very light (gram) and therefore does not.

Pequeño accesorio para los poseedores de la Anet 🙂 SUUUUUUUSSSSSSSCCCCCCRRRRRRR. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. Here is a selection of the most intelligent objects that can be 3D printed at home with a 3D printer.

Go download the 3D files on sites like Cults or Thingiverse and start printing with your own 3D printer or make it printed by a friend. These items will change your life or at least make you smile! Did anyone try to improve their cooling by using this and a 80mm fan? I have the cooling ring but i feel that it does not cool the layers quick enought when printer finer details and overhangs.

Anet amodular extruder nozzle cooling adapter by pparsniak.

This is an Anet aextruder nozzle fan mod for standard size . The Chinese manufactured printer has become a popular starting point for makers and hobbyists on a budget. For under $20 you get a DIY kit that will teach you the ins and . I could no longer use my old fan shroud because the heating block would melt the top of the fan shroud. I ended up having to strip down the fan.

Es fehlt: ring Cooling nozzles for 3d Printers – What do you need? Testing the cooling nozzles on an anet aAre you happy with your prints from your 3d printer? The were surprising, all of the cooling nozzles sort of passed the 100mm bridge, I thought I would get a couple of complete failures. If you have never used a 3D printer before and you.

I spent a lot of time levelling, printing test cubes. For PLA, which requires heavy cooling on small parts, this is a killer. This is your first print, after perhaps a calibration cube. You could stop here if you wante and enjoy prints that are as good as the status quo of . Anet 3D Printer Part Extruder Brass Nozzle Head online shopping at GearBest. The difference between case A and B is that honeycomb windows in case B are separated beacause maybe print honeycomb of case A is difficult to print vertically.

I have printed case B and stick windows on case with acetone. Anet A- Change board MKS Gen v1.

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