Anthill art

Anthill Art is best known for casting ant colonies with molten aluminum. Pouring molten metal into anthills creates some crazy art. An incredible metal structure is made by pouring molten aluminum into a fire ant.

This process captures the extreme detail of the tunnel and chamber structure of the colonies. Also check out the new mushrooms casts. Hand cast aluminum fire ant bed by Coy.

This piece shows the way a fire ant bed looks under ground. Pictures cannot capture the intricate details of this piece. Each casting is unique in how it is mad. See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Ant Hill Art collection. Contact me by private message.

What do you see when you look at this picture? Do you see a lovely and intricate metal sculpture? In fact, Mother Nature and a bunch of her little helpers are largely responsible for this amazing creation.

Can you guess what it actually is? An intricate (and exact) replica of the interior of an ant hill. Watch one being made here: . To create each piece, the anonymous American artist pours molten aluminum into the entrance of an ant hill, filling the tunnels and. Footage showing how the US man creates his mould has garnered 15million views since being uploaded to last month, but while many . Though probably insensitive to the fire ants who called this ant hill home, pouring molten aluminum into the ant hill reveals the intricate labyrinth of tunnels and passageways hidden underneath the ground. As seen on Science Channel and many news sites: UK Daily Mail, Buzzfee The Blaze, and more.

Casting ant colonies with molten aluminum. See more ideas about Ant hill art , Ant colony and Fire ants. Created by pouring molten aluminum into an ant colony, artists uncover realistic, bizarre anthill art molds.

The sculpture is then excavated. The larger colonies probably have thousands of interconnected tunnels and chambers, Gatlin told INSIDER. He mostly casts fire ant colonies, but has poured liquid metal into seemingly abandoned carpenter and field ant nests, and they all look distinct. His anthill art is for sale, but the waitlist is very long.

I talk of course of a creative individual who pours molten aluminum into a fire anthill and creates an amazing replica of every chamber and tunnel of those remarkable . Molten aluminum is poured into the tunnels of a fire ant colony in order to make a cast of the colony structure. The nest- casting techniques were painstakingly developed over many years not by this new guy, but by myrmecologist Walter Tschinkel (see pdf). Looking for the perfect anthill art ?

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