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Yep, for one measly US dollar (or the equivalent) you get new and devilishly tricky levels as well as a new Infinity Mode! Ein Spiel, bei dem sich die Entwickler richtig Mühe gegeben haben! Eindeutige Kaufempfehlung!

Ein kleines ABER gibt es zur Androidversion. Bitte ein Update nachreichen . Strategie Echtzeit-Strategie.

Kostenloses Android- Game Der Ameisenhaufen. Spiel Der Ameisenhaufen kostenloser Download. By drawing pheromone trails, you direct your ground forces to different destinations, working with streams of units rather than individuals. Your mission is to protect the hill as wave upon wave . This game will provide hours of fun. It starts off by allowing to learn how to play with a few easy maps.

Then gets more challenging as you advance through the game. I recommend anyone whostrategy games to get this game. There are four different ants in the game , i.

Worker ants are the smallest of the bunch and are responsible for gathering food and bringing them to the queen inside the ant hill. Warrior ants are the strongest of the family . App Store Update: May 31. Anthill : Tactical Trail Defense. Our beautifully-detaile hand sculpted Ant Hill provides a variety of activities to maximize the play value of any play pocket.

Children can climb the hill using the hand sculpted ant grips or move through the 4-way ground level crawl tub. The cave-like tunnels also provide a place to gather and socialize or to rest in the shade . Escape game from 123bee. Due to the heavy shower of rain, the water level in the ground has risen.

All the ants have escaped the ant hill except for one. Use the objects and the clues hidden and save the ant as well as the ant eggs hidden in the anthill. Can Eric, the Intruder, rescue the other humans before the they are trapped forever in this alternate dimension? The other player takes the role of . In the game , you act as an ant, and your aim is to guide your forces to different locations.

You can direct your forces to various . Read what AntHill Games had to say at Metacritic.


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