Best friend letters that make you cry

You make me a better person. For being the most wonderful best friend I could ever ask for. Best friend paragraphs that make you cry. Let go of the things that you are supposed to hold on to, they might have given you happiness before but maybe this time they will be able to make someone else happier. What happens yesterday is done, it is past.

Letters from my heart – Letters: Send a letter to your best friend.

The way you look at me with complete panic when you see your long time crush makes me laugh so har not to mention the secret code name we made up for him. You can always tell when two people are best friends , because they are having more fun than it makes sense for them to be having. You light up every room, and lift up every single person around you.

I am so lucky to have you as my best friend. You are beautiful, smart, and can make me laugh until I cry. You have been there for me through the tough times in my life. I do not think I could have ever made it through my mom having . I seriously love you so much you are my BEST friend.

I have never in my life met someone so caring and amazing as you.

I hope you know , I love you. We often send out love quotes and letters to our lovers, but our best friend also deserves at least a couple throughout the year. After all, your best friend is the person whom you know you can always count on when times are rough. You sit with me, you laugh with me, you cry with me, you empathize with me, you pick me up when I feel . It said that we got too close to fast, and it was confusing. Our friendship was a mess.

Passionate, turbulent, wonderful. I move through it by relinquishing it, by pleasing . When you feel pain, I feel it too. I think you were placed in mine to teach me to look for the good in even the worst situations, to make me see that by judging people too quickly, I miss . Thank you making me laugh so hard that I cry , and also making me laugh when I want to cry.

The frequency of our interactions increased and over a few months we became best friends. Since then we have never been away from each other. You have always made me laugh to jokes that would seem lame, you have given me a safe place to cry , you have taken all my tantrums but never complaine . I was missing a best friend.

Now, I get to call you my best friend and just a few months ago I never knew you. I never knew someone could impact my life in such a short amount of time, but you proved me wrong. I let you walk away when I should have held you back and told you how I felt, when I should have given you an explanation.

I think of our memories and I laugh and I cry every single day.

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