Clear polyester casting resin

Resin expert Mylene Hillam show you. This convenient new package includes catalyst in a . Große Auswahl von Top-Marken. Clear polyester resin is a substitute for liquid acrylic – it is very clear and you can embed items inside the resin casting.

Note: We do offer an Embedment Service and can cast items in solid acrylic Plexiglass up to x square and thick. Hundreds of existing molds can be used to create awards and momentos.

CLEAR CASTING COATING EPOXY RESIN CURES CLEAR LIKE GLASS – 48oz KIT. Builder Liquid Latex Rubber. Genuine liquid latex used for making molds to cast clear resin casting epoxy plaster candle wax and concrete. Contains natural latex and ammonia. Premium quality clear polyester casting resin suitable for clear sculpture casting, object embedding, jewellery making and set design.

The resin is supplied complete with free MEKP catalyst, measuring syringe and nitrile gloves. Clear casting resin is designed for deep molds and castings. Use it to embed or encase almost any object in crystal clear plastic.

Can pour as thick as needed and comes out crystal clear! Easy-to-use, water- clear polyester resin. Add Chemco Transparent Dyes or TAP Opaque Pigments to color the resin.

Unfortunately, this fact is not clearly stated on polyester casting resin containers. I admit that my nose might be a bit sensitive to smells, but I have read the same comments from other resin casters as well. For me, I will NEVER use this resin inside my house or office.

Free shipping available. This polyester casting resin allows you to embed a variety of objects in a clear dome. Use it with different molds to create gorgeous pendants, . Doming resins are glass- clear resins , formulated from epoxy , polyurethane and polyester technology. MCRe-usable mould Other moulds are available on our Amazon Store. As this is a polyester resin it should be . Polyester Clear Casting resin , ideally used for embedding projects, jewelleries etc.

Super Versatile, Super Clear – Cur. Embed or encase almost any object in crystal clear plastic. The convenient package includes catalyst in a clear bubble top cap for convenience. Ideal for larger casts just .


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