Mach3 interface board manual

XCLK XDIR YCLK YDIR ZCLK ZDIR ACLK ADIR EN. The PUL- and DIR-, as pulse and direction respectively, are connected to the MACHinterface board. Next, set the port PUL- and DIR- as pulse and . Functions and Features:.

Completely support MACHand the other softs that use LPT port.

USB Power supply and external power supply separate,for protecting your PC. Wide range external power supply voltage ,- 24V,and has preventing reverse connection . Thank you for choosing our. Relay output control interface , accessed by the spindle motor or the air pump, water pump, etc. MACHopen the interface shown in Figure the action of commonly used button above, here we configure the MACH software.

Changzhou RATTM Motor Co. Interface board can be connected with the cathode or total output to the stepper drive, or servo drive. Breakout board Vuser manual.

Then, set the port PUL- and DIR- as pulse and direction port in MACHsoftware. The following is to take the driver of the signal port as example. Driver interface basic setting for mach:.

Set on the circle where you can set a basic frequency, the parameters affect the motor rotation speed. Manual for breakout board. Compatible with MACH, Linux CNC (EMC2) etc. USB power supply and peripherals.

Note: all the seting below is for common anode connection between this interface board and the stepping motor drivers. Input error of interface board. Se muestra el funcionamiento de la tarjeta MACH, controlando motores paso a paso nema 2 con la.

Have 0-10V signal output , you can use machsoftware to control the spindle motor speed. This is a MachInterface Board. It is linked with Parallel Port attached in PC.

It was made that each signal of parallel port to be connected motor driver. Items in search. MACH, KCAM EMC and support parallel port to control the host computer software;.

One relay, it can be used to control spindle start and stop;.

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