Mp hollow point molds

Home page of the MP MOLDS e-shop. General advice for using brass HP ( hollow point ) moulds. In this video I show you how to cast bullets for reloading with my brand new cavity MP – mold.

The 1Grain FN bullet is the most accurate bullet for my 9mm Luger pistols. The best molds for casting lead bullets.

Jump on this group buy while you can. MP Molds , Lukovica pri Domžalah, Bohinj, Slovenia. It will be closing soon. Hello guys and thanks for looking. A bullet mold for review.

I received a two-cavity. It came packaged with a top punch for the bullet as well as two different inserts to cast different style cavities for the hollow point.

The two different inserts for forming the cavity on the . A faster (and commonly less expensive) way is to buy the standard mould and then have it converted to drop HP bullets. Several machinists offer this service. How can one obtain a hollow point cavity mold from MP molds for a. Every time I check they are out of stock. I heard something about group buys from this group ? Casting Session for the Powder Coated Cast Lead Hollow Point Bullet Test.

Sam Yang Dragon Claw 500cc PCP Big Bore Air Rifle now has a lot more ammunition options. BB tipped or even hollow point rounds, but wait it just got even better with a shot shell capsule available now that turns it into a shotgun. Not so long ago I started to produce bullet molds. Some of you may all ready know me from cast boolits forum. Specializing in multi-cavity hollow point bullet mold modifications and repairs.

Custom specialty screws and Machine shop services. Benjamin Bulldog – Now this is an air rifle. The gun has inches of Picatinny rail for attaching just about any accessory you want and the overall gun length is inches.

This is a serious air rifle designed for big game – from . In this video, I use the mold to cast three different style bullets , and then powder coat and size them. This mold has no lube groove, and the bullets must be coated with Hi-Tek or powder coat. Mp molds ( aka mihec) out of Slovenia and I turned it down after a lot of thought. The thought kept creeping into my head from time to time about getting a . Does anyone have experience with either of these brands.

Mp brass mold 9xthat makes hollow points or round nose bullets looking for lee cavity molds or $80. With this mold I can make hollow points and solids at the same time without changing pins, or I can make different styles of .

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