Plastic love lyrics

Plastic Love von Mariya Takeuchi (竹内 まりや) von Japanisch auf Englisch. Original and translated lyrics : Totsuzen no kisu ya atsui manazashi de. Then I went the next six. I wont forgetthose funny daysand you.

I was a fakebut listenyou plastic manwhat can we do?

Ai ni kizutsu ita ano hi kara zutto. Hiru to yoru ga gyaku no kurashi wo tsudukete. Hayari no Disco de odori akasu uchi ni. Watashi no koto wo kesshite honki de aisa naide.

Koi nante tada no Geemu Tanoshi meba sore de ii no. She and the song later became popular online when the song resurfaced on. Just click on the beautiful Mariya Takeuchi and she shall take you way to the song.

Porcelain trees and cracking leaves. The winter sirens in the breeze. Your fingers tangled in my hair. So long my restless love. I dreamt of a perfect love. Who just crumbles and burns. For girls in the eighties. But gravity always wins. It wears him out, it wears him out. She looks like the real thing. She tastes like the real thing. I could blow through the ceiling. When I wake up with you. Trending Music from the Web.

Pastic Love 是瑪利亞的歌裡我最喜歡的一首~邊聽就不自覺的搖擺著身體,歌詞不知道為何也很有畫面,山下達郎也曾唱過這首歌-山下達郎ver.

Perfect 1 ageless, firm. Nothing you do can make her squirm. A girl you can buy and own, You can love with every bone. Complete your Mariya Takeuchi collection.

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