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We live in the Age of Plastic. A documentation made by Werner Boote about the impact of plastic on the global environment and the human. I read in a Dutch daily newspaper, that fish were dying in a certain English river, due to a substance present in plastic. Plastic Planet ist ein Kinodokumentarfilm von Regisseur Werner Boote.

Der Film zeigt die Gefahren von Plastik und generell synthetischer Kunststoffe in ihren verschiedensten Formen und ihrer weltweiten Verbreitung.

Packaged in a 1 Certified Green Forestry. This documentary covers a lot of information but is well worth the time to view it. Much of what is covered has been reported in part by other organizations but. DVD packaged in a certified Green Forestry eco pack . Post by Ellen Arnold How much plastic do you think is in your life?

Probably more than you realize. This short clip presents a feature-length documentary film all about plastic and explains what this man-made. Wie die Welt in Plastik erstickt und die Folgen.

Wir sind Kinder des Plastikzeitalters: vom Babyschnuller bis zur Trockenhaube, von der Quietscheente bis hin zum Auto. Plastik ist überall: In den Weltmeeren findet man inzwischen sechsmal mehr Plastik als Plankton und selbst in unserem Blut ist Plastik nachweisbar! Die Menge an Kunststoffen, die wir seit Beginn des . Mit eindrucksvollen Beispielen, wissenschaftlichen Interviews und faszinierenden Begegnungen entlarvt PLASTIC PLANET die schöne neue Plastikwelt. Was machen wir aus Plastik, und was macht das . Industry has made more than 9. Manhattan under more than two miles of trash, according to a new cradle-to-grave global study.

But plastic pollution arguably poses a bigger threat to the plants and animals – including humans – who are based on land. Very little of the plastic we discard every day is recycled or incinerated . Plastic is found almost everywhere – in domestic settings, in the oceans and deserts, and even in our blood! The amount of plastic humankind has produced since the beginning of the plastic era is enough to circle our globe six times with plastic Clingfilm. German, English , Italian, Dutch dialogue). A methodically researched yet engaging examination of the environmental and health problems associated with plastic, this . Versandkostenfreie Lieferung.

Entdecken Sie weitere DVDs aus der Kategorie Sonstiges. In various languages with English subtitles .

New studies reveal that tiny plastic fibres are everywhere, not just in our oceans but on land too. Now we urgently need to find out how they enter our foo air and tap water and what the effects are on all of us. Werner Boote präsentiert seine persönliche Version der globalen Auseinandersetzung mit dem faszinierenden, allgegenwärtigen Material Kunststoff und führt überall dorthin, wo der 100-jährige Siegeszug von Plastik ungeahnte und.

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