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Trailer und weitere Infos ansehen. Kunststoffe können bis zu 5Jahre in Böden und Gewässern überdauern und mit ihren unbekannten Zusatzstoffen unser Hormonsystem schädigen. Regisseur Werner Boote zeigt in . Plastik ist billig und praktisch.

In the tradition of Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock, this feisty yet informative . PLASTIC PLANET auf Netflix.

Here, filmmaker Angela Sun unearths an ecosystem drowning in plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean, as she crosses paths with scientists, volunteers, and more. The presentation is packed with facts and scientific data showing the alarming rise of greenhouse gasses and the long-term projected effects of global warming. While many people have heard of the garbage island floating in the Pacific Ocean, few have faced the real scope and devastating effects of the problem.

This eye-opening documentary exposes the consequences that disposable plastics have on our planet , our oceans, and our health. Dieser Film hat entscheidend zur Sensibiliserung der Bevölkerung. This Saturday the world will celebrate Earth Day and Netflix is full of enlightening nature documentaries to inspire you. It is 1hour minutes long and. The focus is around how plastic breaks up not down and contaminates the food we eat.

The film is available on Netflix and iTunes.

Suggestions on ways to . Find this Pin and more on Entertaining by linzib22. Ein Dokumentarfilm war es, der mich dazu brachte, auf faire Mode umzusteigen. Ich habe es Dokumentarfilmen zu verdanken, dass ich mich Jahr für Jahr mit neuen Themen auseinandersetze und regelmäßig meinen . Chill with Netflix : Environmental Documentaries to Get You Through the Winter. This blog has been adapted from Rainy Day Netflix Documentaries, originally published on the ECO Reps blog.

Every piece of plastic ever created still exists on this planet. Working closely with Sian Sutherlan who is advising the team at Spring, Skye eliminated plastic . EVERY single piece of plastic that has ever been created since the 19th century is still SOMEWHERE on our planet. So if it never goes away, where does it go? National Geographic Explorer-in- Residence. In this documentary, Earle highlights her organization — Mission Blue — and its goal to create a worldwide network of Hope Spots, or protected marine sanctuaries.

The Blue Planet Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, . What starts off as an adventure to film the blue whale, the largest animal on the planet , leads to the shocking discovery of a thick layer of plastic debris floating in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Craig, alongside Tanya Streeter, a world record- breaking free diver and environmental activist, then travel across . We want everyone to be able to buy food that is free from plastic. Right now, it is very hard to do .

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