Rejection therapy

Find out how it can change yours here. My goal was to desensitize myself from the pain of rejection and overcome my fear (I explain my reason why here in my TED talk). Three criteria I set for myself: 1. Ethical (no lying or marriage-undermining) 2. Beat Fear and Become Invincible.

Are you held captive by fear?

Do you wonder just what you could accomplish if nothing held you back ? Would you like to find out? The game can be played for any length . Ieo2bZVoQ Ähnliche Seiten 15. See my followup visit to Jackie on Day in my. Jia Jiang adventures boldly into a territory so many of us fear: rejection.

By seeking out rejection for 1days. Can you use rejection and its humiliating feelings to become successful, or to get strong? The site offers up a challenge with one rule: Get personally rejected by someone everyday for days.

He went on a quest to get turned down once a day for 1days. He proceeded to ask people for things that seemed to guarantee a “no” (or slammed doors or slaps in the face). He asked a police man if he . Fear of rejection is a powerful motivator—or more accurately, anti-motivator.

The sting of rejection is sharp (in fact, it actually causes something more like physical pain), probably because most of us consider rejection humiliating. He would purposely try to get rejected by asking for outrageous requests and . Or hitting up a policeman to drive their car? Join me in this journey of 1days of rejection!

This Cambridge, ON, computer programmer hopes the Dragons accept his rejection therapy game. No other outcome matters. Either you’re rejected or you fail.

It’s tragic how rejection is perceived in this culture. Today on Bulletproof Radio, Jia Jiang comes on to talk about why he seeks rejection and how rejection therapy helps you overcome your biggest fears. Rejection Therapy with Jia Jiang.


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