Renshape epoxy

This medium density epoxy material features a very low coefficient of thermal expansion to . The epoxy formulations specifically offer products that are syntactic, pre-preg compatible and generally offer higher temperature resistance as well as chemical resistance when compared to polyurethane tooling boards. The board is well suited for building aerospace master models, lay-up tools for high-temperature curing prepregs, and other heat-resistant tooling. Zudem ermöglichen eine sehr gute Dimensionsstabilität . EPOXY BOARD FOR PRE-PREG TOOLS.

Very fine surface structure. Excellent machinability. Good dimensional stability. Heat resistant up to 140°C. Lay up tools for pre-pregs. Epoxy board for pre-preg tools. Data control and cubing models.

From modeling, styling and low-density foam board to foundry boards, fixtures, prototype metal-forming and even. For elevated temperature applications, such as the post cure of prepreg parts or epoxy tools, Huntsman created Ren Shape 55 which is a board that can withstand continuous temperatures of 2degrees Fahrenheit and offers a dense, wear resistant surface finish. This tooling board is good for aerospace master . Today, the company offers in the U. The company says it employs special processing while casting . Foundry tools, jigs and fixtures. Hammer forms and flanging tools.

Sheet metal forming tools, hammer forms. CTB Composite Toolboard Medium density, high performance, epoxy tooling board. Made for the most demanding forming environment.

RenShape 4Modeling Board Medium density. EngNet enables you to source Engineering Products, Services and Companies. The Huntsman SL resin combines good flexural and tensile strengths with high elongation to generate durable models that can withstand the epoxy moldmaking process.

Megleo explains, “We support SL models to ensure their ability to maintain . Our capabilities in high-performance adhesives and composites. This type of resin shows almost no shrinkage during the photo-polymerisation process and therefore can produce models with excellent .

Lay-up tools for prepregs, cubing models, vacuum forming tools. Unterbauten für Modellpasten und. Designmodelle, Kontrollfräsungen,. The trend is exemplified by a cast epoxy tool for automotive trim and a machined PUR tool for electronic and medical trays.

In addition, four Renshape blocks were inserted under the woven patches to improve the rigidity of the hole regions and to facilitate the machining of the holes. The part was cured using a vacuum-bagging technique with the maximum .

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