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Hear from entrepreneur Brian Shimmerlik. Shapeways : 3D Printing Strong and Flexible Plastic. This piece is the MAgrain bed. As for the paint I was thinking of enamel or. A 3D printing marketplace where you can design, make, buy and sell amazing products.

What is the actual material of the Strong and Flexible plastic?

Have questions about the. The problem is most models come in our friend the gritty looking WSF material. Anyone that had not done any special preparation tends to get some very fuzzy looking models when they paint. Same volumetric price as WSF, far cheaper than FU with a resolution that appears to be . I still have some questions, and always appreciate tips and tricks. IM) have their own language for the various printing materials.

The entry level plastics are called Strong and Flexible Plastic – SW and Polymide – IM. SLS stands for Selective Laser Sintering and this is the 3D printing process used by . The material is a polyamide 1 powder.

Code is valid uses per customer with a maximum discount of $1USD per order. If you order a design during the promotion . For strength and cost White strong and flexible is the best bet, but the detail level isnt nearly as high and the surface has a bit of that fuzzy thing that people dont like. Also if the print orientation isnt right layer lines can be a bit obvious. I know they have black in detailed plastic, but why not in any other colour?

May melt to power tool tips. Cleaning These Parts: No Cleaning necessary. Der Preis ist natürlich nicht ohne. Bei der Menge an Bauteilen kommen da schnell schon – Euro zusammen.

A few days later looks ever so porous. Sie werden das Modell durch die Post. Texture wise, there is very little difference between the polished plastic vs.

Front: The one facing you when you drive, need to be solid and slightly flexible , ABS should be ok for that I guess (stuff like that:) – Back: The part snapping into the. Thats my only idea so far. WSF ist eine Polyamide . With watercolors it is possible to.

Thin (.1mm) layers of nylon powder are sintered in precise shapes by a laser beam, and each layer takes seconds to print. The objects are then removed from the unsintered nylon powder brushed . Subject to beta-group response, the company plan to continue rolling out the .

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