Stamping tool system

Stamping tool systems has greatly supported my education of progressive tool design, using this software i have been able to learn about multiple aspects of progressive tooling, all the way from estimating cost from generated blanks to designing strips and tools. Having been studying Engineering for the past years since . State: false ExternalInterface. StampingToolsSystem (STS) is focused on enabling Autodesk Inventor to.

Authorized Developer speed up tool deslgn process. Belng fully functlonal WIthln Autodesk Inven- tor window, STS composes key functions like unfol strip layout, punch design and utilities.

Hi guys, anybody have used this plugin for inventor? Proto production-quality sample parts. PROTO is a new kind of stamping tool system for production-quality prototypes made to specification and tight delivery schedules. Your MISTI will provide a platform for multiple stamp techniques that are impossible with traditional stamp mounts. Spring Tools Heavy Duty Stamping System.

A great way to mark any of your projects, tools or parts! All you do is firmly hold the tool tip onto woo mild steel or virtually any surface you are aiming for, pull the other end back and let it snap! Heavy equipment to produce your parts” Progressive Transfer Manual.

Zhang Yisheng, Ma Mingtu. A Study on Cooling System Design for Hot Stamping Tools T. Hot stamping with high strength steel is becoming more popular in automotive industry. In hot stamping , blanks are hot formed and press hardened in a water-cooled tool to achieve high strength. Hence, design of the tool with necessary cooling significantly influences the final properties of the blank and the.

So far, very few researches have been conducted regarding the design of cooling systems in hot stamping tools. Therefore, an advanced design method is . The hot stamping process is beneficial in the production of parts with high strength and light weight properties. Jilin University, p 1(in Chinese) 8. One of the critical goals in research lin7ed to hot stamping involves the reduction in cycle time. The Electromac Group actively participates in the daily tracking and maintenance of a total quality system. Participation in the Advanced Product Quality Planning system ensures customer opportunities are handled systematically and thoroughly.

Stamp tool induction heating system. Abstract: To obtain stamped products such as “wheel drum” with a homogeneous fibrous structure, the temperature regime of the stamping tool should be in the range from 4°C to 3°C. To ensure the preset temperature during stamping, the stamping tool must be heated throughout . A hydraulic press or servo press with a high forming speed is indispensable in hot stamping lines.

Additionally, to avoid the quenching of the blank between the blank holder and the die during the forming process, hot stamping tool systems often include a distance blank holder as shown in Figure (4).

Single-stage production.

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