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Mithilfe von Sockenpuppen – fingierten Identitäten – wird die öffentliche. MOSCOW — At first, new recruits to the Internet Research Agency, the notorious Russian troll factory , were thrilled by the better-than-average salaries they earned simply for posting on the internet. But one says he eventually realized that the work hid a darker reality: both they and their audience were . Internet activist Lyudmila Savchuk spent two months working in a troll factory in St.

She was tasked with writing posts that would inflame anti- American sentiment among Russians. Others at the factory would write negative posts about American politicians, the war in Ukraine and .

The freelance journalist Lyudmila Savchuk worked for two months in the troll factory Internet Research – as part of a secret investigation. Twelve of them worked for the Internet Research Agency, a notorious Kremlin-linked Russian troll farm. The indictment says the Internet Research Agency, which is based in St.

Yet many of those details were already known, thanks to the work of Russian investigative journalists. Last summer, the tech and publishing company removed hundreds of pages and accounts run by the Kremlin-backed Internet Research Agency (IRA) in St Petersburg, most of which were made to look like . Petersburg, the Internet Research Agency is known for paying employees to use false names to register accounts on social media, which they use . The fresh round of sanctions announced on Thursday target five Russian entities and 19 . Under intense scrutiny, the social media giant announced Wednesday that it was scrubbing even more accounts, ads and other .

The company said 3posts from the . For some Russians, trolling is a day job — with geopolitical impact. The story of the Russian “ troll factory ” is a story of real journalists exposing falsehoods. They first identified its ownership, and published its most important accounts. Russian journalists broke the story of the “ troll factory ,” and revealed its early workings. The same Russian online troll farm that meddled in the American presidential election has also taken swipes at Canadian targets, including oil infrastructure and Justin Trudeau.

The social media firm said most of . Accused Russian intel asset teamed up with GOP operative. By EU vs Disinfo Working in a Russian troll factory may not be that dreary after all. The troll, identified as “Maksim,” said the series – which casts Kevin Spacey . PETERSBURG, Russia — While Russian officials scoff at a U. Petersburg “ troll factory ” say they think the criminal charges are well-founded.

Marat Mindiyarov, a former . For years, Agata Burdonova had shared nearly every aspect of her life online. That lasted until this past weeken when a Russian TV news channel outed her as a former employee of a Russian troll factory now living in a suburb of Seattle. Reddit has shut down 9accounts over their suspected ties to the Russian troll farm, the Internet Research Agency. The Kremlin-backed Internet Research Agency, a.

Troll Factory , ​used fake social media accounts before. All the latest breaking news on Russian troll factory.

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