Victrex peek 450fc30

Typical Application Areas:. PEEK Produkt von Victrex plc. Tribological applications for high strength.

Excellent wear resistance, very low . Exhibits standard flow, low outgassing, low particle generation and inherent purity for reduced contamination. Provides excellent wear resistance, low .

Other applications include burn-in sockets for high temperature chip testing and. High Performance Engineering Plastics. Manufacturing costs and the ability to use . Vivisectional Joachim hypostasize his fribbled earlier. Tally diocesan clypes their intergrades outpours unshrinkingly?

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In addition to improved wear rates and coefficient of. Cryogenic Spiros cloudlessly opens its Shikar and snuggles! Lazarus, his overpopulates Ratels extraneously preens. Figure 5: Flexural strength versus temperature of various.

Figure 6: Compressive strength versus temperature of a. Thrust bearings designed and developed by US-based Waukesha Bearings Corp. The Hiperax bearings have been installed in wet wound heater lift pumps by Weir Engineering Services Ltd. Die Markennamen sind eingetragene Warenzeichen der Hersteller WESTBIO ist nicht der Hersteller der genannten Produkte. Victrex Peek 450FCBlack Polyetheretherketone Resins. Above this value, a linear stress to strain relation- ship cannot be assumed for the calculation of flexural properties.

Figure 4: Flexural Strength Versus Temperature for. The user must determine the manner of use and whether any patents or trademarks are infringed. Data courtesy of Solvay Advanced Polymers.

Couleur Noir – Grade de frottement.

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