What i learned from 100 days of rejection

The most effective way to overcome fear of rejection is to face it. By seeking out rejection for 1days. Four days before my son was to be born, I walked away from my job at a Fortune 1company to begin building my startup. I built a team of engineers and we were four months into our venture when I was approached with a major investment opportunity.

It was an investment that was going to take our . My goal was to desensitize myself from the pain of rejection and overcome my fear (I explain my reason why here in my TED talk).

Three criteria I set for myself: 1. Ethical (no lying or marriage-undermining) 2. Fiona Ives on Vimeo, the. Are you afraid of rejection? The first week of the new school year for Wisconsin MBA candidates was capped off Friday night with the first M. Keith Weikel Leadership Speaker of the year as the Wisconsin . Then how he learned to stare down and work through his fears.

But what I loved the most was what happened on day of his rejection journey, which you can watch separately on – search “Olympic . The story started when I, a tech entrepreneur who had been afraid of rejection his whole life, decided to overcome my fear through 1days of rejection.

Not only did it change my life, I discovered a hidden world where people did not have to be afraid. I learned that by embracing rejection people can achieve their dreams. Synopsis: Jian Jiang discusses overcoming his fear of rejection, from an early childhood event that shaped him to the self-imposed challenges later in life that helped him overcome that fear.

Takeaways: Fear of rejection . When was the first time you felt rejected ? You likely remember it well. It feels awful, so it makes sense why we’d want to avoid it at all costs. He had big dreams, but every time he got shot down, he’d run instead of engage. Getting turned down is painful, whether it’s in your personal or your professional life.

He purposefully tried to get rejected every day for 1days in a row. In this episode, Jia tells us about how this experiment led him . Rejection is a form of trauma for us. Meet the TED-talk presenter.

What I learned from 1days of rejection.


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