X max subwoofer

Bis vor kurzem dachte ich Xmax ist die angabe für die maximale auslenkung, die ein woffer (oder LS) aus eigenem antrieb heraus schafft. Subwoofer schiebt nicht, was mache ich falsch. Hochgeladen von Jesse BassFelon Adkins kryptonitewhite dont have shit on this.

There is a zone between Xmax and Xlim where we can operate without risk of physical damage but where distortion increases as we increase excursion. Can someone explain what this really is, and is it .

They have high xmax, more weight, lower sensitivity, but more SPL in the lower frequency spectrum. Any woofer in these categories can perform well or poor but it largely depends on the required bandwidth. XMAX subwoofer , model SW223BD03.

I am wondering what exactly a higher xmax does for you. The reason I ask is I see people talk about some. Everyone wants a High Xmax woofer.

Thats fine, an all providing you have the power to use it to its full.

Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Ein sehr vielseitig einzusetzender Lautsprecher mit Reserven. Watts Sealed Enclosure from Liters Ported Enclosure from Liters Frequency Response: Hz – 2Hz . Ground Zero is one of the most respected brands in car audio. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online.

Länge – Massiver Aluminium Gusskorb . Aluminiumgusskorb, Aussendurchmesser Einbauloch Einbautiefe Doppelmagnet Polplattenstärke Membrane und Staubschutzkalotte X. Direktabstrahlender × 18- . Reinforced paper cone, high x – max spider Stückpreis. This is not surprising since the interaction between mechanical and electrical parameters of the subwoofer is complex and makes general statements very difficult. Antritt im oberbass um 50Hz. While the X-is more of an SPL optimized woofer it does feature the highest linear x – max of any 8” in our line at a full 19mm one-way. It also features a very thick magnet ID shorting ring just like the SA-v.

Make no mistake, the X-is still a very clean . The four 15-inch drivers are of the latest state-of-the-art neo design, providing both lightweight and excellent performance.

Devido ao seu tamanho, permite ser utilizado em sistemas pequenos e práticos com uma caixa fácilmente removível, à sistemas de extrema potência sonora ( como em competições de SPL). Deste modo, é o tamanho de alto falante mais vendido no mercado. Pode ser utilizado em caixas dutadas para graves mais fortes, . Max in einwandfreiem Zustand. Die Rollbretter gehören mit zum Angebot.

Der Preis gilt pro Stück ( Abgabe nur als Paar). Es handelt sich um den Endpreis. Sie erhalten einen Kaufvertrag- die Mehrwertsteuer kann nicht ausgewiesen wer.

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